The main objective...
is to provide clients with high quality advice and support
regarding their
strategic and organizational questions,
including the development and implementation of appropriate


In order to take a real advantage of using external service providers, it is of utmost importance for a client that the consultants will perform their tasks in a very efficient and goal directed way. Only experienced specialists will be operational immediately, start working without significant delays and deliver high quality results. That is why the personal contribution is key important to me. After more than 10 years working for large international consulting companies I created this company as of 01 Jan 2005 to even enforce my personal engagements in client work.

In many cases the requirements are complex and the needed skills will be so specific that one single person will not be able to cover all relevant aspects. Therefore I collaborate with certain strategic partners who follow  the same principles and at the same time enable me to offer an adequate range of services.

The clients will not receive off-the-shelf standard products but a customized package of services which properly adresses their individual needs. This package will be tailored on a case by case basis allocating the appropriate resources. This helps  to avoid high fixed costs and as a consequence to let our clients benefit from attractive fee rates.

The link between practical experience and business related research activities represents another important aspect to the my company. In order to leverage and to make the potential synergies available I co-operate with Mr. Prof. Dr. Jacob, FH Kaiserlautern University of Applied Sciences. In addition I work as a teacher for FH Kaiserslautern.